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Thanks for tuning into my ramblings this week but I’m actually gonna talk about something I have some knowledge about in this post. Click on the words highlighted in turquoise to check out some cool links.

Ever heard of floatation therapy?

It sounds super trippy, but basically you get into this massive bathtub that has a lid so that when you close it, you experience the closest thing to complete sensory deprivation. Yup, you can’t hear, see, taste, smell or feel pretty much anything because you’re also floating on top of water that’s loaded with salt to make you float effortlessly.

Now, you may have questions. Like…

Why would you even do this in the first place?

A bunch of studies have been published—and keep being published—that detail the benefits of this kind of “therapy.” It goes hand in hand with the whole mindfulness movement that is gaining more and more advocates and success. It’s all about being present and putting your undivided attention to yourself, your body, and your health. It sounds simple and easy to disregard but for those of us who have the experiences to back up focusing on our mental health and making it a priority, practicing mindfulness is an exciting method and movement to promote self-care… especially in college where you’ve always got a million things on your mind (AKA me all the time). Floatation therapy does all of that and research indicates that it makes you happier, healthier, and perform better. It can even improve sleep, chronic pain, stress, tension, anxiety, productivity… do I need to go on?

You can read more about all of this research, benefits of floatation, & more by clicking here.

Ok, sounds great but Ally...what is it ACTUALLY like?

I have gone and done floatation therapy many times and almost every time is different—sometimes it feels like I fall asleep (time is wonky when you’re in there), sometimes I just relax my muscles and focus on de-stressing my body, sometimes I practice my focus when my thoughts are racing (something that has really helped my anxiety)... and one time I even felt like I was hallucinating. It can feel like forever or like no time has passed within the 60-minute window that you’re in there, but every time I come out feeling refreshed and ready to be productive. I’m not gonna lie though, when I first tried it, I wasn’t sold. It was SO hard to quiet my brain and all I could do was think about everything else I could be doing besides laying in the dark in a pool of salt. But the more I went, the more I liked it. It’s like practicing a skill, but the benefits are worth it.

Where do you even find a place that does this?

So, how I got involved with floatation therapy was through The Float Zone here in Richmond. Owned and operated by Dr. David A. Berv, he reached out to me through this blog after I had gone once and wrote about it during my first year of college. I had heard about floatation therapy and total sensory deprivation sounded so cool that I looked & hoped for a floatation therapy place somewhere in Richmond. This place is dedicated to benefiting you and your health, so much so that every moment you’re in there is an escape. The facility itself is beautiful and even has one room dedicated to pampering yourself after your float and another room dedicated to relaxing before or after, with tea, games, activities & music that positively—and calmly—stimulate your senses. This place is the shit, check it out if you’re in the area.

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Lastly, I wanna publish the results of the study that Dr. Berv & I published last spring where we has University of Richmond students try floating to see how it improved their sleep, because who better to test this on then massively sleep deprived college students. Read all about it below.

If you have any questions about all this or The Float Zone, either check out their website or contact me directly! Also, make sure you use me and my blog as a reference so they know you’re awesome. If you go and float after reading this, let me know how it goes!

Have a peaceful day.

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