wednesday's links to joy

It’s hump day! What better way to celebrate than some links to joy?! The answer is that there’s no better way.

Here's a couple of things that are making me super happy right now, hopefully they’ll make you happy too…

Click on the underlined parts to see what I'm talking about!

  • This throwback song from some badass women. Honestly miss their music so much but at least I get to watch Aly Michalka on iZombie (Also a show I highly recommend). This music video is also on my Happy page so check it out there too along with some other awesome videos.

  • All of this drama with the Kardashian baby boom. Am I a fan of theirs? Not particularly but I have to say they can be very interesting.

  • This hilarious meme account for University of Richmond. If you don’t go to UofR it definitely won’t be as hilarious as it is to me. But trust me on this, it’s actually so well-thought out and clever. Toss it a follow.

  • Michael’s. It’s like Christmas every time I walk in there. I honestly love doing arts and crafts.

  • Watching old home movies. My mom transferred all of our old camcorder tapes at Staples into videos that I can watch on an app on my phone! IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY.

  • Making some cool stickers and business cards through Zazzle.

  • This super trendy chrome finish for nails. I’m obsessed with it.

  • Avocado toast. Yup, I’m basic but I don’t care this shit is GOOD.

Hope you guys have a good rest of your week and remember you’re so close to the weekend! We got this!


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