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I cannot believe that summer is almost over. I mean, finishing my freshman year does feel like a lifetime ago, but I can’t picture myself driving back down to Richmond and moving into my apartment. Then classes, and working, and working out… it feels so far away but it’s really not. I definitely have mixed emotions but planning all of the decor for my new bedroom definitely has me preoccupied.

It’s so weird that, as my life becomes more and more routine (work, gym, blog), I feel more and more content. A couple of months ago it didn’t feel like that at all. I was never satisfied.

There is no one formula that I can pinpoint as the beginning of my newfound happiness, nor does it ensure that I will never be sad or anxious again, but it makes me feel like everything I did to try and pull myself out was worth it.

So while I’m a little nervous to go back down to school in Richmond, where I really kind of broke down and felt the worst in terms of my mental health, I’m also excited. I’m eager to see how I fare with this new confidence and skip in my step.

With everything going on in Charlottesville, I think that this post couldn't come at a better time.

As promised, every other Wednesday I will be providing you guys with some links to things that are making me happy at the moment. Hopefully they’ll make you happy too…

Click on the underlined parts to see what I'm talking about!

  • This adorable duo from America's got talent! I am such a sucker for those incredible America's/Britain's Got Talent performances. Especially ones with little kids who have more talent than I thought was possible. This is how I get down those weird Youtube holes that lead me to the weirdest random videos... anyways...

  • Boohoo, an online store that has the fashion aesthetic I can only dream of. A coworker showed me it and they are also having this huge 50% off sale that says it's ending in a couple of hours... (it never actually ends, though) Isn't marketing so fascinating and not evil at all? Yes, if you were wondering, it worked on me and I ordered some stuff I'm pretty excited about.

  • Kristen Stewart's SNL monologue that I just stumbled upon from February of this year. It's hilarious (especially the beginning where she calls out Trump for tweeting about her 11 times just to bash her and Robert Pattinson's relationship. I don't know why but I find it absolutely hilarious.

  • Selena Gomez's new music video for "Fetish". She is honestly so cool. I don't even get what is going on in that music video but it's wicked cool. And the song is AMAZING.

  • I'm also currently obsessed with Rosie Darling's single, "I Miss U" that's available on Spotify. Rosie graduated two years ahead of me from Thayer as well, and I've loved following her singing career through her Instagram. She's SO talented, I clearly remember her incredible voice on the Thayer stage. And her new single is so impressive. I'm very much obsessed.

  • This Ted Talk about the surprising science of happiness by Dan Gilbert. I always love learning more about our brains and especially how science can explain how we feel. It almost makes me feel less crazy that there is always an explanation that goes beyond just my own thoughts and ideas. Definitely worth the watch.

  • Downloading the Coldwell Banker Real Estate app on my phone. Am I buying a house? Nope. Am I ridiculous? Yes. But it's so much fun browsing all of the different homes...

  • This hilarious compilation of people clapping back on the internet with some much-needed tough love. It made me laugh pretty hard.

  • Validation from this Washington Post article about the difficulties of transitioning into college. It echoes a lot of my feelings about the topic of college, especially in American culture.

  • Kesha's new album, Rainbow. It's unbelievable. But, if you follow my Instagram, you probably already know how obsessed I am with it...

Good luck everyone as you begin to pack up for school and get ready to start the new year!


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