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Wow my mind and body are EXHAUSTED. Ever since I got back to the states about a week and a half ago, I have been pretty much non-stop working except for one day off. Then, I get home from work and I can’t do anything else but sleep. That sounds like I’m complaining but I’m really not… I love my job and everyone who works there. I work at a greek restaurant in the Seaport of Boston, Committee, and this is my second summer as a seasonal hostess. I get to dress up every day (which is way too fun) and basically just talk to people. But it definitely drains me, being an introvert.

I have so many things in the works for my blog I’m so excited. I want to do a video of some sort now that my umbrella light has come in, and I think I want to talk about my experience as a whole studying abroad. Comment on this post if you have different/better ideas for what I should discuss in my video!

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Then on top of this, I have been outlining and storyboarding a whole new play based in the 1920s that I want to produce again next May like I did with The Marbles in Our Heads. Whereas with TMIOH (yeah, I came up with a cool and trendy #acronym) I just sat down and wrote it, this new play I’m actually putting some work into it BEFORE writing a single word. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever written before so I’m really excited to see what happens… especially after next two semesters of Production Studies courses at UofR.

This summer has been absolutely incredible and it’s not even over. Here’s a couple of things that are making me super happy right now, hopefully they’ll make you happy too…

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  • The fact that American Eagle is offering 25% off on their jeans collection! This sounds like an ad but I swear it’s not… I’m definitely a curvy gal and it’s SO hard to find jeans that fit me well and are comfortable. I’ve always had great luck with AE and the quality is totally worth the price.

  • American food. Specifically buffalo wings. Damn I missed those. I don't know what to link right here, but just go get buffalo wings ASAP.

  • Thinking about the Cambridge flea market on Sunday where I get to support my girl Taylor from Salt and Soul Jewelry! This girl works her butt off and has the sweetest soul (hah, get it? soul?)! I’m honored to help her out in this super exclusive market on Sunday!

  • My idea to download the entire Twilight series as audiobooks for my long commutes into Boston every day. BEST. DECISION. EVER.

  • Knowing my buddy Matt Norden (featured on my “Happy” page) is going to be visiting me in Boston soon! Check out his youtube channel here.

  • Finding all of this incredible makeup from Sephora. My favorite was the #Shapematters SmashBox palette for eyes, brows and contouring! Which, to be honest, I still have no idea how to do but attempt it anyway… At least I'm not solely using old makeup, that I swear is from 7th grade, anymore... Don't judge me.

  • Getting back to the gym (wow, I never thought I would hear myself say that) at Get in Shape for Women in Canton. I LOVE going here and I feel so healthy and good about myself now that I’m working out pretty consistently about 4 times a week. A year ago I would have thought that was insane.

  • Watching wedding videos online.This is absurd of me because if you know me you know that I’m very open to the idea of not ever getting married (I won’t get into it on this post haha) but these videos GET ME. They’re so beautiful and make me cry almost as much as watching soldiers come home from overseas and see their dogs for the first time in months.That’s saying something.

  • My salmorejo that is still in the fridge from the other night. What the hell is salmorejo? It’s this cold soup/gazpacho kind of a thing that they have EVERYWHERE in Spain. I made it the other night with my pal Leo, and it was amazing. If I do say so myself… hehe

  • Planning things for the future of my blog. I started this blog in a very dark time in my life, and while I feel myself finally being able to breathe since then, it hasn’t dulled my drive for this platform. If anything, it’s ignited it further. There are so many topics I want to discuss, people I want to reach, and differences I want to make. Big things are in the works for HG, get ready.

There are some things that are troubling me this week that I could put links to on here, but this post (which, if you like it, I will continue doing!) is going to be about putting out more positivity into this world. I know it is important to address and discuss things in my life, and the world, that aren’t always too positive, but I will save that for another time. Sometimes you just need a couple of links to joy instead of links to troubling things.

Hope you liked this post and let me know if I should do more of them!

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