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And... Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re into it, that is. Personally, I’ve never been into the whole ordeal and try to avoid it all together. Yeah yeah, I could get into that whole rant about how it’s stupid or how it’s not a real holiday or whatever. But I’ve had that conversation and being bitter gets pretty old, pretty fast.

Honestly, the biggest reason I’m not running around buying heart-shaped candy is that I have a borderline phobia of anything cheesy-romantic. Anything you can see in a rom-com scares me shitless. You think I’m exaggerating… just ask anyone who’s ever tried to be romantic for me.

I’ve literally run away from someone trying to give me flowers. Not my proudest moment.

But there is something that I’ve liked about the holiday. When I think really hard about all of my lived V Day experiences, there’s only one instance that I can think of where I actually looked forward to it.

For me to like Valentine’s Day even the slightest, it all boils down to one condition: I have to be single.

Obviously it takes away the fear of someone bombarding me with flowers or chocolates or anything you can buy from the holiday decorated aisle of CVS this month (wow, I’d be so unlucky if someone did any of that for me, she says... I can feel the eye rolls). But it’s more than suppressing my irrational phobia.

It’s the one day each year that’s devoted to daydreaming about falling in love.

Whether you already have someone to daydream about or not, I’ve only liked Valentine’s Day when I get to imagine and wonder about what my future might present me with. Everyone loves love. How can you not? And if you haven’t been in love yet, you’ll get the hype once it happens.

I realize that most people hate Valentine’s Day when they’re single, but why isn’t it just exciting? Who cares if you’ve just gotten out of a messy breakup and have sworn off anything to do with love. Use it to revel in the unknown… you’ve always got a lifetime ahead of you full of incredible experiences with lovely people. That’s pretty fucking exciting if you ask me.

When you’re actually with someone as Valentine’s Day rolls around, you just don’t need it because when you’re in love, everyday is filled with exciting thoughts about the future with that person. Or at least it should be. That’s why Valentine’s Day often seems trivial to me. Why should that excitement be confined to a single day with impersonal cards and expensive dinners? Don’t wait to give it your all. You should be aiming to do that everyday when you love someone.

So, if you’re single, get excited to daydream about all of the unpredictable and wonderful experiences ahead. If you’re not, then use it to reflect on dedicating parts of all your days to just be excited about the love you have.

Spend it well.


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