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You have come to the right place. I have compiled my favorite episodes of “The Office, (US)” and am sharing it with all of you. I am constantly watching this show over and over and have probably seen every episode at least 4 times. It never fails to get me to laugh and I am confident that it is the best TV show of all time (my Dad agrees with me and he’s a tough critic). Not to mention, the infamous character Michael Scott is arguably the best performance and character that TV has ever seen. But these are bold statements. SPOILER: If you’re not a fan of “The Office,” this post isn’t for you. But, maybe these episodes will change your mind.

Check out my list below if you want a good laugh.



Season 9, Episode 23

Any fan of “The Office” will be beyond satisfied with this TV series finale, which is often a hard thing to come by for shows enduring as long as this one did. They definitely got it right and you will feel an overwhelming sadness to see the show finish, but you will also feel pretty complete with how all of the stories unfold.


Season 6, Episodes 4 & 5

This one is for all of the Pam and Jim fans out there, which I would argue is pretty much anyone who watched and liked the show. Pam and Jim are at their peak with this episode and everyone watching wishes they had a relationship like this. Not to mention, Michael Scott is fucking hilarious as he demands to have a role in their relationship at all points.

The Lover

Season 6, Episode 7

While this episode makes me crazy angry watching as everyone tells Pam she is overreacting after finding out that Michael is sleeping with her mom, it is also a classic example of Michael Scott’s inability to shut his mouth and complete ignorance for social cues.

Casino Night

Season 2, Episode 22

Another epic episode for Pam and Jim, this episode is also chock full of hilarious Michael and Dwight moments. Also can we just appreciate Jan’s character?!

The Dundies

Season 2, Episode 1

Ah, the beginning of the “Dundie Awards.” What would Michael Scott and “The Office” be without the “Dundies?” Every episode showcasing Michael’s tradition of the “Dundies” is hysterical but what can top Pam getting hammered and saying, “I feel God in this Chili's tonight.”

Dwight’s Speech

Season 2, Episode 17

This episode just kills me every time because Jim has a lot of incredible pranks that he pulls on Dwight, but none of them unravels into one of the most geniusly written scenes such as Dwight’s conference speech.

Threat Level Midnight

Season 7, Episode 17

If I were to summarize this episode it would be: “The Essence of Michael Gary Scott.” Everything about his movie, “Threat Level Midnight,” is perfection—as in, so perfectly horrible that you can’t stop laughing.


Season 5, Episode 25

No one can talk about “The Office” without reminiscing on Michael’s short stint with Pam and Ryan as the “Michael Scott Paper Company.” But the conclusion of this short-lived dream is so genius, you will never feel happier to be a fan of the show.

The Injury

Season 2, Episode 12

I’ll just leave you with the opening line that leads to Michael getting his foot burned in a George Foreman Grill: “I like waking up to the smell of bacon—sue me.”

Goodbye, Michael

Season 7, Episode 22

Arguably the saddest episode in “Office” history...Michael Scott made this show what it is and saying goodbye to him, although his story concludes beautifully, is unbearable. I recommend watching interviews with the cast about filming that episode because if you were ready to cry before, you’ll definitely wanna grab some tissues.

The Deposition

Season 4, Episode 8

The roller coaster relationship between Michael and Jan is definitely one of the best comedy arcs, and this episode is one of the best examples of just how funny they are together. You will feel just as heartbroken as Michael does when Jan betrays him and you will respect him for the way he handles the meeting. You’ll also die laughing as Michael tries to avoid questions by going to the bathroom but then admits that’s why he keeps leaving.

Scott’s Tots

Season 6, Episode 12

Get ready for the most uncomfortable, cringe-worthy episode of “The Office.” Just when you think Michael can’t get more ridiculous, you’ll be floored with the premise of this episode. At least you’re reminded of just how big his heart really is.

Dinner Party

Season 4, Episode 9

Okay, this is hands-down the first episode I declare as the best of the series whenever people ask me. Again, you can’t beat Michael and Jan’s relationship, and just when you think that Jan is actually a sane human being and Michael is ridiculous, you’ll get a run for your money. You won’t be disappointed.


Hope all you “Office” fans out there agree with me and if you don’t, let me know by commenting or sharing! Go get your binging on, people. You can watch the entire series on Netflix or by purchasing it on iTunes.

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