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A couple of days ago I had the pleasure of sitting down and having lunch with the creator of Moonlight Magic--Lindsey Bissonette. We connected through Instagram and our shared values regarding overall positivity along with breaking through the mental illness stigmas. We had both grown up in Easton, Massachusetts but had two completely different paths that guided us towards where we are now.

Lindsey is a beautiful soul who, apparently, has drastically changed her mentality and way of thinking since high school. She told me all about how angry and depressed she had been and how turning towards a less common way to handle mental illness actually saved her life. She found solace, comfort, and a passion in reiki and healing others through her practice.

Now I'm gonna be totally honest--I had no idea what reiki was and didn't really even know what spirituality was prior to meeting with Lindsey. But that is one of the major reasons I wanted to meet with her; she could open me up to a world I had never even believed existed. And all I had to do was have an open mind.

I'm all about learning the various methods that people use to ease their pain, fight mental illness, and find overall peace and joy. When we connected through Instagram, her positivity was radiating through just a couple of messages. How could I claim myself to be someone navigating happiness if don't research other people’s successful paths?

We talked a long time about the importance of self-healing and self-improvement. Lindsey told me that as soon as she found reiki and learned to let go of all of the anger she was constantly carrying around, she became a completely different person. One who had healed, continued to heal, and continued to improve every facet of her life and her relationships. She had been through the ringer--everything that people with mental illness fear the most, she had been through it. And yet, she got better. She's in the best place of her life and her individual journey led her there. I resonated with that a lot.

Lindsey also inspired me like crazy after seeing the business empire she has made

through selling soy candles infused with reiki healing energy. The way she describes it, I envision her harnessing all of the positivity she can that surrounds her and putting it into each candle she makes.

Even if you don't believe it or buy into it, after talking with her for almost two hours, I have the utmost respect for it.

I won't get into the specifics of reiki and energy healing, ONE because I still don't know enough to make it understandable and TWO because that wasn't the biggest take away that I carry with me after that lunch.

Connecting with people is a gift. Kindness is a gift. I'm not so naive to think that we can just be positive and kind all of the time, but as long as we are constantly making an effort, it will be a life well lived.

Please go check out Lindsey’s soy candle business at and reach out to her! She loves to chat and always wants to help people. She's also the queen of reiki.


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