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I have SO not been taking care of my body or mind this past week or two. It’s terrible, I’ve gotten into this cycle of going to bed way too late, waking up way too early, and lacking any prioritization.This is the WORST way to go into finals week

Given my total neglect of my mental and physical health, gearing up for finals week has just become even more important. I know most of you have finals coming up too so you feel my pain. Over years and years of test taking and preparation, like so many of us experience, I’ve developed a pretty good map to navigate finals. I figured, what better time to reveal it than the weekend before we all want to rip our eyes out.




*well, if I always followed my own advice I would...


Very Real Quotes


→"I'm so tired that I can't tell if this is a dream or real life..."

Focus on getting an average amount of sleep (7-9 hours) and DO NOT go to either extreme. The more you fall outside that average range, the more tired you'll be.

"So, I'm just not gonna do anything today..."

Make a plan to get at least a couple of things done. Don't over-schedule yourself or you'll be more likely to do nothing.

"I wanna rip every hair out of my head, my professor's, and anyone else who gets in my way..."

Complaining and being angry literally gets you NOWHERE... you'll still have to do it but now you're distracted. Accept what is, get to work, and do your best.

"I can't stare at this f**king screen for another f**king minute..."

Take a break. Find something you can do that isn't staring at your computer. You can still be productive without technology. I know, shocker!

"See, I'm not worried. Is that bad...?"

Eh, I go back and forth but I've never really been the type to get test anxiety. Just make a plan and try to stick to it. If you lose sight of your timeline, you're gonna be pretty damn worried, I promise.

→"I forget what it's like to experience human contact..."

Sometimes I'm literally locked in my room from sunrise to sunset and it scares the shit out of me. A whole day goes by and I haven't spoken a word. Maybe that's just a me thing... either way, carve out some time to phone a friend and remember what conversation is like.

"The thought of studying right now brings me a deep sadness..."

Study in increments. Do an assignment/part that you don't totally hate, followed by something you really hate. Take quick breaks to browse through social media or do anything that brings you even the slightest of happiness.

→"I'll have like a full 24 hours before, that's plenty of time..."

NO IT'S NOT. PLEASE, GOD, DO NOT LEAVE IT ALL FOR THE LAST MINUTE. Schedule alarms and reminders on your phone that are so obnoxious, you have to just sit down and do it.

"Dude, my heart feels like it's gonna explode. Do you think it's the 7 coffees and 5 espresso shots I had...?"

Yes, yes it is definitely that. Been there, almost went to the hospital at 3 in the morning. No bueno. Take care of your body so you have a fighting chance with finals!




good luck


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