Summer in Sevilla: Post #6

***Written on July 9th, 2017... posted on July 13th, 2017***


What an incredible day. And it’s only 4:00pm! Just kidding, it’s only going down from here. I have my first (of two) finals tomorrow and have to write an entire essay with the rest of my day. Plus study for the final. Plus do corrections on a quiz… what was I talking about? Oh, yeah, okay so I had an amazing day up until right now when all my stress settled in. But, I’m gonna keep procrastinating by writing this post for you all!

I woke up at 8:30am today (I know, shocking) to go for a bike ride and get some exercise in… something I am in desperate need of. THERE IS SO MUCH BREAD HERE GUYS. They literally shove it down your throat at every meal!!! Anyways, I rented one of those city bikes from one of the numerous stations on every block, and rode almost 3 miles to the city center. It was so nice because the mornings here in Seville are about the only times that you will feel “cool” as opposed to blazing hot.

It was a decent workout, partly because the poorly-maintained city bikes get kind of stuck at the hardest gear, and I had a lot of fun riding around the city. Then, I parked the bike at one of the stations and walked around one of the prettiest neighborhoods in Seville: Santa Cruz. It’s in the middle of an unbelievably beautiful park called “Maria Luisa,” and it’s everything you’d imagine Spain to be: the winding, tiny streets with cobblestones and towering ancient architecture and potted plants on every windowsill…

While most stores are closed on Sundays (Spain is pretty religious), I stumbled upon a store called “Be Happy Seville” that not only happened to be open, but it was also ADORABLE. I got some really chulo (that’s “cool” in Spanish slang hehe) red pom-pom sandals. Then I walked about a mile to El Museo de Bellos Artes, which is Seville’s Museum of Fine Arts. They have a local artists’ market every Sunday there.

Thankfully I just happened to look online yesterday and see that this was a thing, because it was one of the highlights of my trip. I bought about 3 pieces of artwork, walked around for a while admiring all of the local Spanish art, left to go home and have lunch, and ended up going back for another round where I bought even MORE art. It was so much fun and I got some priceless souvenirs that I can’t wait to give as gifts and to frame in my apartment in Richmond.

Then, after the market, I came back to my house and packed about 70% of my suitcase to go home. I laid out all of my clothes for the upcoming week and even my plane clothes for Friday.

Today was as close to perfect as humanly possible (minus all of the work I have to right after this post). And, it came just in time to cleanse me before my finals. Ugh, wish me luck.

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