Summer in Sevilla: Post #2


I had such a great day today, and it came just in time because these past three days of classes have been pretty rough. It’s been way harder getting back into the school routine than I thought; waking up at 7:45, walking a mile to school, sitting in classes for almost four hours… I had pretty much settled into summer mode.

But, we had today and we have tomorrow off because of religious holidays here in Sevilla. It’s called Corpus Christi and every year they have this big procession through the historical center of the city. The only thing is, it’s at 8 AM because they have to beat the heat (it’s consistently in the high 90s every single day here by lunchtime). I wasn’t feeling it because last night we were out ALL day seeing the historical center, the Seville Museum of Fine Arts, and drinking wine. We even caught a bit of the procession traditions in the streets while walking back. I was exhausted and didn’t really wanna wake up when we had the day off.

Some beautiful Spanish style

I’m so glad I decided to go because while the procession wasn’t anything crazy spectacular, we got to see SO much of the city… its cultural roots, its history, the architecture…

We walked around for almost 5 hours just gawking at the buildings and clearly showing the entire city that we weren’t from here (as if they couldn’t tell just by looking at us that we were American).

The procession was pretty cool, in the symbolic sense. It was basically just a lot of well-dressed catholic Spaniards wearing silver medallions and spraying incense while every 30 minutes a float would pass by… really slowly. But I had a great time hanging with everyone in my group from Richmond, appreciating this century-old tradition, and praising whatever God exists that it was only 80 degrees.

After that we walked around the area a bit, took some photos and explored. We made it to the Plaza de España when it started to get pretty damn hot but we took our time walking around the palace because it was incredible. THIS is finally what I pictured Spain to look like. Not that I haven’t been enjoying myself a week in, but I was waiting for it to really hit me that I was not in the US anymore. Seeing this place definitely did it for me.

We were pretty exhausted after all that so we went back home, stopped at a fresh fruit and vegetable market next door, and took our siesta.

Pretty great, unexpected day, and it was only 1:30.

More stories and pictures to come!

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