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I just finished my business program, a two week thing we have here at UofR to give you a basic understanding of business fundamentals, and I LOVED it. But, I am so so happy to have my summer officially begin!

In honor of this, I have compiled a “bucket list” of sorts for you all to have a great summer. I’m gonna try and get through some of these myself, and I hope you will too. READY, SET, GO!


Remember how to read for pleasure if you’re like me and have forgotten completely.

Pick 3 books, none within the same genre or on the same topic, and commit to reading them all by the end of the summer. Right now I have “All About Love” by Bell Hooks and “The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannah on my shelf, ready to go.

Start listening to some cool podcasts.

Everyone raves about podcasts and if you have a long commute to work or classes, these are perfect to keep you occupied and entertained.

Get into a groove with working out.

Wish me luck, I’m aiming to go to the gym 3 times a week this summer. Hoping to finally learn what “muscles” are…

Try some new recipes, both elaborate ones and easy ones with ingredients you can easily find already in your house.

Especially for college students, cooking is an important thing to learn by the time you graduate because it will save you money.

Take a bartending, photography, or cooking class.

I personally want to take a bartending course because that shit is COOL. Also everyone would love you at parties...well, if there’s more to drink than vodka and beer (can you tell I’m in college).

Donate blood.

I have an O+ blood type and therefore am a universal donor, so I have always felt obligated and motivated to donate blood. You can download a red cross app and find blood donation center super easily.

Try some writing. Here are some possible prompts:

Who was your first best friend? How has that “best friend” relationship changed meaning from then until now?

What does it mean to love?

Favorite childhood memory?

What, in your life, never fails to make you happy?

Sell some stuff you own that you never use.

I have so much clutter that I’m either too lazy or sentimental to give away. If you’re like me, then let’s get some money instead…

Move your furniture around.

Why not?

Take a risk.

Tell someone you think they’re the bee’s knees. Dye your hair. Get a piercing. Try some new styles. Go skydiving. TAKE MANY AND WRITE THEM ALL DOWN.

How to identify a risk: A situation where your first instinct is “no way” or “that’s not me,” BAM. There’s your risk. I am not liable for any dumb decisions you make, though.


Hopefully this is enough to get you started for the summer or get you brainstorming. Enjoy the weather, preferably some relaxation, and time spent with family and friends being PRESENT.

Happy beginning of summer!


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