my top 5 pet peeves

hey people of the cyber universe

This may seem like it’s going to be a negative post but… well, to an extent it will be. I can be the sweetest, most caring person in the whole world and there are still gonna be things that PISS ME OFF.

Enjoy my top 5 biggest pet peeves below because we can’t always be positive, even someone who writes a blog about happiness...



Total high school move. Whether it be in classes, extracurriculars, or even mandatory events… this phenomenon is not just confined to college students. But nothing bugs me more than when someone has to act like they’re just above it and also above everyone else.

If you’re passionate about something or you even just happen to like a certain thing, fucking own it.




Some people get it into their heads that the way they see the world is not only the best view, but it’s also the only view; and if anyone challenges that, suddenly it becomes a “you vs. me” debacle. Just because someone may disagree with you and those who gas you up in agreement, it doesn’t mean that you’re “the good one” in the scenario. Life is COMPLICATED and can never be boiled down to right or wrong.

Before you judge someone for going against the grain, hear them out.



Ironically, I am the WORST liar. But, I put this on here to account for the millions of fake, disingenuous people out there. I consider myself pretty good at reading people and if you combine that with my inability to be anything but honest, I don’t have much of a tolerance for people who talk out of their ass.

If you can catch yourself spewing out bullshit, just take a step back. You’ll get 100x more respect if you’re nothing but honest.

But, I mean, I’m not totally denouncing a little white lie if the truth is unnecessarily harsh… example:“Nah, you look like shit, dude, just trying to be honest.”



I learned the official name for this in my most recent therapy appointment and there is nothing I love more than being validated in my numerous theories about how humans operate. Basically, it just makes me angry when we associate someone with one or two things they did that maybe rubbed us the wrong way. I’m including myself in this conversation because I’m definitely not innocent.

This may sound contradictory considering this post is all about how people can piss me off, but the truth is that we can only ever be in our own heads. The amount of times that I fuck up and find ways to convince myself that it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme… It’s a natural human defense mechanism. But if we all do this, why do we want to castrate someone (that’s aggressive, let’s say “judge someone harshly”) for annoying us or making a mistake?

The answer? It’s natural. But, it doesn’t mean we can’t fight it.



I’m just angsty because I can’t get myself to like working out. I’d have abs by now and that just pisses me off. So stay away from me if you’re gonna rave about doing sets until your muscles give out.


So, I will end with a quote

from my favorite band, The 1975, and their song, Pressure

Just let that serve as a little reminder to take care of one another. No matter how easy it may be to get wrapped up in your own head (and your own pet peeves), we’re all dealing with our own shit beneath the surface. So, let’s try to be tolerant.

Be kind,


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