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So recently, if you didn’t know, a local Richmond company called The Float Zone began sponsoring me and my blog, the halcyon girl.

◌ What is The Float Zone?

This company offers flotation therapy in one of the most unique experiences you may ever have...and its benefits are pretty incredible, if you stick with it.

◌ What is flotation therapy?

Flotation therapy is the ultimate form of mindfulness because you’re basically taking away all of your senses. You strip down, climb into this huge but shallow tub filled with enough salt to make sure you won’t touch the bottom, and you close the cover to be in total darkness. Sounds kind of strange, right? It definitely is a little bit. But the benefits have proved to be pretty remarkable.

Time also did a whole piece on floating, check it out by clicking HERE.

◌ Why am I involved?

Dr. Berv, who runs the Float Zone and has quite an interesting journey as to how he got to where he is (read it here), reached out to me after I wrote about my experience floating last year, while suffering from depression. After talking about a month ago, I was very impressed with Dr. Berv and his work, and was also extremely excited to begin a partnership. Floating and its benefits encompass a lot of what I preach on here; it seemed like a perfect fit.

◌ Okay then, what is this case study all about?

Dr. Berv puts a lot of work into going beyond running his business; he wants to learn more about just how beneficial flotation therapy is so that he can help more people. He also makes a really good point: college students are often the most susceptible to the symptoms that floating is known to drastically improve. So he enlisted my help in developing a case study, specifically designed for University of Richmond students, that we hope will show the power of flotation therapy on probably the unhealthiest sacrifice of being a college student:

S L E E P.

Check out some other case studies that Dr. Berv has done, such as flotation therapy and traumatic brain injuries, by clicking here.

◌ What will this case study entail?


LET’S GET STARTED! I’m so excited to start this study and hopefully help out some sleep-deprived UofR students, so please consider participating! What do you have to lose?!

If you are interested in participating, fill out that first “eligibility survey” by clicking...


Thanks so much everyone! Hope to see some of you soon.


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