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hey friends

I’m excited to start something new on the halcyon girl and depending on the feedback I get, it could become a regular thing!

I love graphic design and have decided to do some fun projects on the side that you all can benefit from. Below you can download some fun, custom designs to set as your phone or computer wallpapers! They are completely free to download and use, if you like them.

Let me know what you think of my designs and if I should keep offering this every now and then. Happy downloading!


Design #1: Halcyon

desktop Halcyon wallpaper

phone Halcyon wallpaper

Design #2: Start Something

desktop Start Something wallpaper
phone Start Something wallpaper

Design #3: Good Vibes

desktop good vibes wallpaper

phone good vibes wallpaper

These wallpapers are property of The Halcyon Girl © and are only for personal use.


Yours truly,


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