how I take time for myself

Another busy week but that’s why we have weekends, right? To catch up on sleep and get your shit together? I feel like Friday hits and I’m barely hanging on but then I have Saturday and Sunday to become a real human again. God, I miss not having Friday classes.

This post is gonna be a little less serious than my last couple post mainly because I need a break from thinking so much. Which is a perfect segway into…

Here is how, right now in my life, I take time for myself. Keep reading to see some of my favorite methods at the moment…


Watching old movies or TV shows. I am constantly doing this. I am a very nostalgic, sentimental person so I love jumping into an old show or movie that I know I love. There are certain shows and movies specific to you that will never fail to make you feel good. Mine are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Twilight, Friends, New Girl, The Office… the list really just doesn’t end.

Doing some mindless task. That sounds weird but, for example, I’m currently doing this “Color Project” through my Production Studies course. Basically I have to mix colors together and paint 300 small squares. It’s a lot of tedious, mindless work but I like it because it’s SO soothing. After a long day, I love going into the design lab, putting on some calming music, and just mixing paint. There’s a ton of mindless tasks that you can find solace in.

Driving. Driving is the absolute best. I don’t know how I survived last year without the ability to drive. You can be crazy busy every single day but the second you get into the car and have some time to just focus on one thing, it’s so calming; no phone, no computer, no one else. I love it.

(And no, I do not drive a Mercedes, I survive on a babysitter's salary)

Cleaning. Now this can be a hit or a miss because sometimes cleaning will just make me exhausted. And, if you saw my room 90% of the time, you’d doubt that I consider this enjoyable. But, it’s another form of a mindless task where you can just throw yourself into it and feel accomplished when you finish. I always blast music, too.

Writing in my journal. Surprise, surprise. I always plug this but seriously I think it’s so cool to be able to write down your thoughts and experiences and be able to see it right in front of you. Life can seem overwhelming but this is kind of a way to sort it out.

Online shopping. This one can be super dangerous though, so be careful.

Making a to-do list of random, fun things. Every Friday I make a to-do list for the weekend. One side is all academics, and then the other side is other tasks for things like student government. But then, below that, I always make a separate list titled “other” that I RARELY check off because it is such a random assortment of fun things that I wish I could do but often don’t have the time. For example, I have fun interior design/art projects on it, events I could plan, and some really long-term stuff. Even if I never check them off, it feels good to write them down and recognize that there’s more to my life than just the daily routine.


These are my go-to’s at the moment when I just need to decompress. Needless to say, my weekends are technically “wide open” yet I fill them to the brim with time for myself and also productivity here and there.

Have a good rest of your weekend everybody! Spend it wisely.


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