ideas for making a fresh start

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I hope you’re having an excellent Tuesday. And you don’t have to be having a shitty one to benefit from this post… but if you are in shitty Tuesday territory, this won’t hurt.

I’ve definitely been a little stuck in a routine lately and have a lot of heavy things on my mind, so I’ve been trying to think of some ways to jumpstart my mind. Give me a little boost.... Kick me in a new direction.

Here is what I came up with, and I’m hoping you can find

something in this list that will bring a fresh start to your own life…


ideas for a fresh start


Find something to do on your own that intrigues you through eventbrite

Go visit an accidentally neglected family member or friend

Indulge in some articles and/or books that are acclaimed for their life-changing capabilities

Offer to help someone you know in a big way and follow through

Start a journal and outline some new goals for yourself

Try... flotation therapy

For example, my blog (the halcyon girl) just became sponsored by an awesome company in Richmond that specializes in flotation therapy! Click here for more information.

Go see a psychic… but always take it with a grain of salt

Start cooking some new things for yourself and actually eat them

Start a blog!

Make a schedule for going to the gym at least 2x a week and DON’T schedule anything else for that time

Get a haircut, try out some new makeup styles, and/or buy a brand new outfit

Clean and reorganize your entire bedroom

Watch a critically-acclaimed, classic, or oscar winning movie that you wouldn’t normally watch

See if there are some cool classes, workshops, or seminars in your area

Chat with me!

. . .

Now go send a shock to your systems! Find a way make a fresh start for yourself and let me know what worked for you through the “contact” tab.


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