my first puppy

hi fellow animal lovers!

As I’ve showed you all on Instagram, I recently got a puppy! He’s a 2-month-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy that I named Nemo.

He even has his own Instagram so go follow it by clicking below!

This post is gonna be all about what I’ve learned so far about owning my own puppy for the first time, so if any of you are considering it, read this first…

Don’t expect any beauty sleep.

Prepare to pick up the worst smelling shit you can imagine, EVERYWHERE POSSIBLE.

Get ready to sacrifice any and all alone time.

You’ll also be sacrificing a good chunk of your already low bank account funds.

Spontaneity no longer exists in your vocabulary or in your life.

Experience how the littlest, seemingly harmless puppy teeth can hurt like a bitch.

Wanna get drunk on the weekends? Probably not the best idea.

Never eat a meal in your own home in peace again.

Prepare to put another creature’s needs above your own.

Expect the BEST snuggles and naps with the softest fur in existence.

Get ready for a little furry creature to be constantly following you and thinking you’re the absolute SHIT.

Enjoy the feeling of being an actual celebrity—paps wanting to take a million pictures and videos and random humans doing anything to get super close to you.

Always know you’ll have a killer conversation starter.

Know that you’ll have a companion who, without fail, will get irrationally excited to see you every time you re-enter their scope of vision.

Finally, with any plans you may have for your future, picture an unconditionally loving animal next to you & along for the ride.

So, enjoy the balance of realness and happiness that I summarized for you guys above while you’re considering getting a puppy yourself. I think the best thing I could have done for myself was thoroughly considering such a big change in my lifestyle. I definitely got nervous when it hit me that I’m the person responsible for keeping little Nemo alive and happy, but I’m loving it so far.

Follow @findingpuppynemo here to get updates and adorable pictures that will brighten your day!

Good luck as the school year begins and always feel free to comment on this post below, share it through the buttons up top, or reach out to me if you wanna chat. Here’s to a new chapter in finding halcyon!


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