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I am back after a long hiatus. A combination of finals and mono kept me pretty busy for the last month or so and I needed to focus on about a million things. But it is a perfect time to get back to the halcyon girl because I have completed my second year of college, and of course I have plenty to say about it!

Hands down, one of the best years with a lot of awesome memories and people. I’ve accumulated a list of conclusions below that I think sums up my year pretty well, and what contributed to making it so great. Hopefully you all are starting to enjoy your summers and can take a minute to reflect with me...

Sophomore year is the year of comfort.

Don’t settle for being unhealthy.

Say yes to pretty much everything,

screw playing it safe.

Figure out your goals for college, but don’t feel pressured to plan out your life passed that.

You are too young to get a pet.

Get a handle on any shopping or takeout addictions.

Find a balance between nights dedicated to yourself

and attempts to be social.

Don’t give up on projects, passions, or people.

Recognize what’s not working in your life & practice fixing it.

Learn to separate what everyone else is doing from

what you actually wanna do.

Remember how to read & practice it.

Force yourself to spend time in the library.

Focus on building who you are so that no one can completely

knock the wind out of you.

Adapting is inevitable and necessary.

Always be conscious of the relationships that matter most to you.

Completing college is going to be a huge accomplishment.


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