a weird—but satisfying—bucket list

hello party people!

And it looks like we are basically into February already. One month of 2018 down! Hopefully things have been going well for all of you, and if they haven’t… well, you know where to find me. But, no matter how you’re doing, a new month means you get a chance to breathe and restart some motivation.

On that note, I’m gonna hit you with a wicked weird bucket list for the month. It may seem strange but I’d bet you some serious cash that you’re at least a tiny bit happier doing it.

If you can finish this during the month of February and take pics for proof… I’ll give you one hell of a gift because that would be impressive.


The Halcyon Girl's Bucket List

  1. Make Hogwarts rejection letter and then slip them into random ass mailboxes. If you’re really committed, you’ll put your contact info in the letter.

  2. Put blue gatorade into a Windex bottle and drink it in public.

  3. Make a booth and give out free hugs.

  4. See if you can convince a stranger that you’re from the future.

  5. Borrow about 5 of your friends’ pets and bring them home to your parents, roommate, or partner. Tell them that you just adopted all of them. No refund policy.

  6. Get everyone in a store to sing together.

  7. Go a day without one of the two (or both for bonus points): any mirrors or your phone.

  8. Put sticky notes on cars in a parking lot that say, “Sorry for the damage.”

  9. Convince a random person that you’ve met before and catch them up on your life.

  10. The next time a stranger says anything to you, look up at them and say, “You can see me?”

  11. Go around wearing a shirt that says “Life” and hand out lemons to people.

  12. Improv at a spoken word/poetry slam. Make shit up, tell an absurd story, or just try and freak everyone out.

  13. Go to Google Maps and locate 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney, Australia.

  14. Trick-or-treat on any day but Halloween. Don’t half ass the costume. Demand candy.

  15. Rent out a movie theatre, invite your friends to see their favorite movie, then just show porn.

  16. Write a song.

  17. Create a website for a super obscure, dumb talent and then convince your family that it’s your dream.

  18. Stage a dramatic, fake fight in a restaurant. Finish the fight and then bow.

  19. Go see a drag show. Ask one of them for a makeup tutorial.

  20. Do these...

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Okay, that should give you PLENTY to keep you busy. Let me know if you actually try any of these and I’ll be sure to send you a little something.

Have good days!


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