Hey everyone!

I'm so excited to announce that the production program for my original play, The Marbles in Our Heads is officially happening!

Now, I need your help. If you would like to audition for a role in this small cast there are two steps you need to take.

First, let me outline who I'm looking for...

1. Actors. Duh. 14 of them! But it's a small core cast of 6 leads.

2. An Assistant Director! I'm really excited about this position. It will involve (1) a lot of initiative working closely with *yours truly* to produce a play... because I have never done that before; (2) a lot of creativity to help make this play as great as possible; and (3) the willingness to learn about stage production!

3. A Stage Manager. I need someone with an eye for set design and some creativity to create a minimalistic set from scratch. They will also need to lead a small crew!

4. Crew members. Anyone who is interested in creating a set and putting some creativity into its movement.

Anyone is allowed to audition--it is not limited to any age range, high school, or specific experience.

Next, here is a synopsis of my original play...

"The Marbles in Our Heads" explores different conceptions surrounding love, relationships, and strength. Taking place in 2001, it follows the lives of Alice, a sharp-tongued teenager who had tried to commit suicide, and her therapist, Jane, who is amidst a deteriorating marriage. While the play begins with Alice in arguably the weakest point in her life, she becomes stronger as her and Jane's lives become more interwoven. Whereas Jane, who is attempting to maintain a high level of strength during the most difficult point in her marriage, has her entire world broken down into discomfort and unfamiliarity. The past is shown side by side with the present story and significant people from both Alice and Jane's pasts return to the forefront of this narrative. Love is thrown at the audience in various forms and with each incorporation it becomes shattered into different perceptions. In the end, Alice and Jane have to figure out how to sort out the marbles in their heads. (Act I = 12 scenes; Act II = 10 scenes)

What exactly is this production program? Glad you asked!

What I want this program to look like...

A two way street. I’ve never produced a play, directed a play, or brought a play to fruition so this is going to be a huge learning process for me. But, I also want it to be a learning process for everyone involved.

Full of only dedicated participants. This is going to be an intensive program. I need people who are excited about the project, willing to put a lot of work into it, and open to learning. It’s going to be a blast as long as we all put 100% into it. This can be a really great thing to put on applications and even just to have under your belt as an accomplishment--building a play basically from the ground up. Also, depending on how many people attend the play, if you participate you can make some money.

Openness and creativity! I want as much input as possible to see what I can make of this play. Everything is flexible, and I need people who will give their unfiltered, honest opinions to make this work and create the best final product possible in the short timeline.

Heck yeah, I'm interested! What should I do next? What another great question, imaginary listener!

Here are the two steps I mentioned previously that you must take in order to be considered for any role/position in this production...

1. Fill out THIS google form as your Audition Form.

2. Then you will receive an email from me with an attached PDF of the audition pieces. It is outlined in detail in this PDF how to audition, but basically you will record an audition as a video and send it via email back to me. If you are interested only in the Assistant Director/Stage Manager position, you will not need to submit a video audition. I will send you separate instructions.

Then, you are all set! You have 3 weeks exactly to complete both components of the audition (by April 14th), then the cast list will be sent out by April 19th.

From then on you will have a couple of weeks to memorize your lines and we will begin rehearsals starting Saturday, May 6th.

The performance will be Thursday, May 25th at Thayer Academy in Braintree.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at or text me at (508) 577-8773! Thank you!

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