asking YOU for inspiration

hey stranger!

Today I have a special request… I love, more than anything, to receive submissions to The Halcyon Girl. I love reading your writing and am always looking to post, publish, and promote someone’s talent when I can. But, I thought I’d open it up even more...and remind you all that I’m still here, just hoping you’ll reach out!

I wanna see any artwork you’re proud of. Send me pictures, videos, mail if you really have the time… I want some creative inspiration! And more importantly, I wanna put it on my website!

I know finals are coming around the corner, but art is pretty therapeutic, whatever kind you like to do. I look forward to hearing from you.

TO SUBMIT―You can either send me an email through the “Contact” tab on my homepage OR you can go to this google form and submit a file of any kind.

Happy creating!


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