aim to be unpredictably comfortable

Hey guys, I hope you all are settling in as much as possible to the new year. Yes, I would call it a new year because my mind is still, and forever will be, programmed with a school calendar. I have to say, I LOVE being a sophomore. It’s funny because I remember loving my sophomore year in high school a ton, too. What makes me so happy to be a sophomore is the unpredictable comfort. That sounds like a paradox, right? Let me explain.

I knew what I was getting myself into. Coming back to campus, I knew where everything was, knew a decent amount of people, I knew how to tackle college. But, within that comfort of pretty much having my shit figured out, things still surprised me. I live off campus now, for example, and so it’s definitely a different routine. But, it’s a routine I like so much more.

I didn’t know if I would like being back. To be honest, I didn’t totally want to be back just because I had been doing so well this summer that I was afraid to try again here.

I was in such a good, strong mental state. I was the perfect amount of content. So, coming back here was daunting; all I knew of University of Richmond was that it was hard. Last year was painful for me. Why would I want to come back when I could stay at home and be comfortable?

But, surprisingly, I was comfortable when I got back.

And this ability to be content from day-to-day, I found, was a skill rather than a state.

I worked to develop that skill and it has paid off. I am still working at it but it’s not nearly as difficult as it was last year.

I know my favorite spots on campus, I know what I like to do on the weekends, I know the extracurriculars that I thrive in or even I know a decent amount of people that I connect with. So this is the comfort part.

How is being a sophomore unpredictable? There’s still so much to this school, to college, to my adult life that I haven’t gotten to explore yet.

Sophomore year is like that person who seems to have all of their shit together but can still be spontaneous and fun. Those are the people I really vibe with.

For those of you who are freshmen in college or high school, or simply at the beginning of a tough transition: it’s so important to remember that you HAVE to work to be comfortable. You HAVE to work to be happy. Every single day. The longer you spend in a place or an environment, the more comfortable you will be. I hate to be that “time is the answer to everything” person, but to a large extent, that’s true.

Something I was missing last year was hope. If you choose to stick things out and give a transition some time to settle, I can promise you that it will improve.

Now if you’re thinking of transferring, it’s a whole different story… but that will be another post for another day. Just aim to be unpredictably comfortable.


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