a weekend in Denver

So, this past weekend was University of Richmond’s fall break. Basically we get a Monday and Tuesday off and most people go home. Normally I’d probably just go home too, but a month or so ago I planned a trip to Denver to visit my basically* cousins.

*We aren’t actually related but they are cousins to our really close family friends that we just consider family. I’ve known all of them my whole life and we go to all family events and parties together… it’s honestly just as good as the real deal.

I had never really been to the midwest before and I’d always heard the Colorado was beautiful. My two cousins moved out there a year or so ago and are in love with Denver. I’m not the outdoorsy type AT ALL. My favorite pastime is binging a new TV show and then crying because I finished it. But, I was ready to do some new things, hike some mountains, and see the infamous Colorado views.

The trip was super short, I wish I had more time there but I had to get back to give myself a day or so to do all of the homework that professors had piled up before break. Even given that, I felt like we did a ton of stuff.


Friday Night

When I flew in on Friday night, my cousin Carleigh came shuffling into the airport baggage claim with both of her puppies in either arm. We drove home and went right out to a birthday dinner for one of her friends in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver.

We had some awesome Italian food, I got to meet her hilariously crazy friends from work, and then we almost went and got piercings at 11 o’clock at night. (No, I won’t tell you what those piercings were, *wink wink*)

We got back to my cousin’s house and crashed. After all, sitting on a plane and doing nothing is tiring, man!


After getting up early and picking up my other cousin (their brother) from the airport who was also visiting that week, me and my three cousins drove to Boulder and hiked up a mountain. Now they would say that it was an easy hike. I, on the other hand, given that you probably know how lazy/out of shape I am, was HUFFING and PUFFING up that trail. I’d like to blame some of it on the elevation (it makes it really hard to breathe), but that would just be denial.

Then we sat up on some rocks at the top, admiring the view, and laughing about life and our family for probably almost an hour. Would I go hiking regularly? F*** no. Did I enjoy this one, though? Yes, I had a great time.

We grabbed some lunch, walked around downtown Denver a bit, and then we took about a 4 hour nap. No shame. When I woke up from that glorious nap, we all hung out with some of my cousin’s friends in the apartment below us. After having quite a time with them (they’re awesome and so funny), we went back to my cousin’s apartment to regroup and decide what to do for the night.

After much deliberation, we decided to stay in and play cards because that is underratedly so much fun to do. As classic as Ally gets, I passed out before everyone else and woke up in the middle of the night with a face full of makeup, contacts IN, and feeling overall G-R-I-M-Y.


This was the saddest but best day of my trip. It started out with going to this big pet store that let you pet and hold all of the dogs. I was about 1 more convincing argument (from myself) away from buying this cute little Papillon boy. I legit pulled out my debit card that probably didn’t even have enough money on it to get him.

I was pretty upset after the ordeal of abandoning my new puppy Charlie (Charlie Charleston? Amazing name.) but was quickly cheered up after going to this MASSIVE 12-mile, fenced in, leashless dog park in the mountains. The amount of adorable puppies just roaming free while being surrounded by snow-capped mountains and hanging with my cousins… I got over the puppy. Kind of. Might still go back.

We got back to the apartment and decided to walk and see downtown Denver. There’s this super long street (kind of reminds me of Newbury Street in Boston) of shops, food, and fun things to do. We went bowling, watched some of the Broncos football game (well I didn’t, obviously), and walked to Union Station. I even got to walk by a real-life marijuana dispensary! Not that I had any reason to actually go in (I follow the law, don’t worry), but you had to be 21+ to even enter.

We walked back to the apartment, I got dinner with one of my cousins, Chelsea, and then we ended the night playing Cards Against Humanity which never fails to make a good time.

Check out a slideshow of my trip below!


I woke up this morning and after an extremely stressful attempt to make it to my plane, I made it. Very sad to leave my family and such a beautiful place but I know I’ll be back.


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