a look into my bedroom

I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of my design skills. I sit in my bed at night and just feel so happy because it just suits me so well. A little mix of pottery barn, a bit of urban outfitters, a hint of edginess… it’s very me, one might say.

I’m way too lucky for a sophomore in college. Me and my roommate always talk about how this is our dream home and how absurd that is considering we are nineteen-years-old.

Am I going to be prepared for the real world with as nice of a room/house as this? Absolutely not. Do I care, though? Eh, not too much right now...

This post is going to be mainly pictures. Maybe it will give you some design inspo, maybe you’ll hate it. It’s still not done, I’m always gonna want to change things. But, I’m too proud not to share. SO, without further ado (is that how you spell that?), here is my baby.


And here are a couple of other pictures from some things around the house that I love...

The paintings were actually made by my roommate!



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