I don't know what I'm gonna do after college but I'm okay with it

I don’t know about you guys but it feels like finals are sneaking up behind me, just ready to jump out and scare me shitless. Also (not very surprising) this semester seems like it went by crazy fast… I was talking about it with my friend who is also a sophomore in college and it feels like we’re basically halfway done. Which means we are basically second semester sophomores. Which means we are basically upperclassmen. Which means we are basically graduating, AKA IN THE REAL WORLD. It just kind of snowballs sometimes…

Sophomore Year of High School

On the topic of basically graduating, I decided to talk about the uncertainty of my future for this blog post. Sounds heavy, right? Well, to some people and probably young, high school Ally, it would be a pretty heavy topic. Yet, right now it just sounds exciting to me.

I’m always talking to people around school about what they’re studying. It’s probably the most common question to ask another college student, second being, “Where are you from?” I know people who range from knowing exactly what they’re gonna do when they get their diploma to people who don’t even fully know what they’re gonna major in. Sometimes that’s just how it plays out, there’s no right way to go about college.

I used to think I was gonna go into business but, nothing against business majors/minors, thankfully I realized that would have been TORTURE for me. But then after that I just fell into the trap again: I decided on majoring in Leadership Studies and didn’t really question it. I thought I was giving myself more options because Leadership can be applied to so many fields, but I was selling myself short again. Then the universe came back to bite me in the ass and I got rejected from the Leadership school, forcing me to question myself again (Click here to read my post about my rejection).

Now I’m designing my own major of Psychology and Theatre (Click here to read my post about what it's like to design your major). Over the past couple of years I have carved out my academic path to be based heavily on interest. I am fascinated with Psychology and drawn to Theatre so I’m (technically) focusing on them to make up the major that will be written on my diploma. But I’ve often wondered, what the hell am I gonna do after college?

If you knew me in high school or basically anytime before high school, you could safely assume I’d be freaking out about this “not knowing my future.” I would probably bet that anyone who struggles with anxiety or who has a Type A personality like me would not deal with this uncertainty well. Yet, I’m very content with the uncertainty. How?

I guess it’s been the path that has led me to this uncertain future. Whether I wanted it to or not, it has forced me to be thorough and confident in my decisions. So, when I feel so good about the choices I’ve made up until this point, why should a little uncertainty throw me off?

I am the biggest proponent of following your interests. I get it, security can be a way better feeling than discomfort but someone who chooses security every time over a little discomfort does NOT sound like a fun person to be around… Beyond just likability, one of the biggest things that I’ve learned in terms of mental health is that you have to constantly work on embracing uncertainty. Obviously nothing in life is ever certain, but it’s easy to forget that. Learning to adapt and embrace situations that you can’t predict will be way more beneficial than just allowing yourself to always be comfortable.

One thing I am certain about is that life isn’t just going to magically fall into place. At least if I can discover ways to be excited even when I’m uncomfortable, I’ll get to navigate my own happiness rather than let outside circumstances dictate it.

And I’m all about navigating happiness on here, right?

...It’s the mantra for The Halcyon Girl™ if you’re confused...


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