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​I’m sure we are all still recovering from Thanksgiving but this post is an important one: IT’S MY MOM’S BIRTHDAY!

For this post, I’m gonna list out just a handful of reasons why my mom is the best of the best. Hopefully it will make some of you feel all sentimental and go tell your moms how much you love them. And hopefully it will put a big smile on my mom’s face, even though I just got back to Richmond and I know she must be missing me like crazy (Joking, I’m the worst, she’s probably thrilled I’m gone)...

She is always able to laugh at herself. I wish I had this skill but at least I have a pretty good teacher.

She’s unbelievably selfless. I truly think that all moms are pretty damn selfless but you should see this woman… I’ll always be trying to live up to how she can put everyone else before herself on a regular basis (however, keeping in theme with my blog, she needs to take some time for herself too).

She is always cracking me up. We are always texting when I’m at school and the majority of the time I’ll get some bitmoji or something hilarious that gets me through my crazy busy days.

She has an uncanny ability to empathize with anyone and everyone. She has taught me to always think of another person’s inner struggle and it motivates a lot of the things I do today.

She has shown me how to be an amazing mother.

I can’t imagine living up to her level, but at least I can just go and get advice from her when I have my own family.

I love you, Mom! Happy 28th Birthday, go out and let loose.


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