Summer in Sevilla: Post #1


I have been in Sevilla, Spain for about 4 days now and have been getting adjusted to the European lifestyle. It’s actually much more difficult than I remember…

First of all, the meal times and types are so different than in America… They don’t eat much at all for breakfast and the time to eat it is anywhere from 9 AM to 2 PM. Then they have a big lunch, which usually the entire family participates in, always with some form of ham, and then it’s siesta. Restaurants close from about 2 PM-7 PM and people begin having dinner around 9 PM/10 PM. Dinner is never that big either.

I think that’s been the biggest adjustment so far, changing my entire eating schedule and changing what I eat (I kind of just eat whatever my host mom puts in front of me).

Most of the adjustments I have to make while living here aren’t necessarily bad, but just very different. I’m glad I get to push myself out of my comfort zone.

I have no idea what my Spanish will be like at the end of this trip (hopefully improved) but I love being in an environment that forces me to learn. I’ve changed my phone settings to only display things in Spanish as well, so hopefully that forces me to even think in Spanish.

We start classes tomorrow and luckily they happen before Sevilla gets too hot, because most places here don’t use air conditioners to conserve energy and money. Except, Sevilla is hot as hell except in the early mornings and late at night. At least it’s beautiful….

I can’t wait to rent a bike so that I can use that to get around because the city is really beautiful and we only have a limited amount of time to get to see it. We may even take a weekend trip to Barcelona!

So far, I am very optimistic about the next 5 weeks and feel so grateful to be here!

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