life update ~ 5/18


Well I have basically disappeared for the past couple of weeks but I PROMISE I have a good explanation. Here's what I've been up to...

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I've been producing and directing my play, The Marbles in Our Heads, which will happen on Friday, May 26th at 7:00pm. You can reserve your FREE tickets here.

It's all I can think about and I'm constantly working on it. I'm SO excited for it. But I will definitely write a whole other post about it and attach a video of it.

I've started working again in Boston where I'm a hostess at Committee, a greek restaurant.

I've been hanging out with my best friends who I've missed a ton. Also I get to spend time with my family!

I started going to Get in Shape for Women in Canton and it's been awesome. I go three times a week and they also help me come up with food plans to combine eating healthy with productive workouts. It's really manageable and I lost 4 lbs. in one week! Not really sure how that happened, but clearly I'm doing something right.

Ever since like junior year I've been unhappy with my weight. But, I SUCK at being healthy. I love food too much. So, this has been really shocking that I not only enjoy the program but also find it manageable. Hopefully I'll be able to stick with it.

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So that's my life right now. Every single day has been planned by the hour, but honestly that's how I like it. Once I finish my play I will have way more time to blog, and then I will be in Spain so I will have some really cool travel posts!

Thanks for being patient.

۞ ally ۞

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