5 Things You Absolutely Should Know About ADHD


Here's something different to switch up things from my usual sorts of posts, courtesy of my good friend Cat Sciolla. There is such a range of things that affect mental health and Cat did some research on ADHD in particular. Check it out below!

5 Things You Absolutely Should Know About ADHD

1) It is treatable and manageable

If you believe that you may be suffering from impairment caused my ADHD, do not be afraid. ADHD can be treated with help of a medical professional. Please contact your doctor to set up an appointment if you believe that you may have ADHD, but do not try to treat it yourself through self-medication.

2) It is a neurodevelopmental disorder

This means that children with ADHD are often developmentally behind the rest of their age group. This can show itself in many ways such as learning manners slower, learning to read later on, or being “immature.”

3) Adults can have it

Believe it or not, ADHD can be developed in adulthood. If you are an adult, do not rule it out as an explanation for why you might not be able to focus or remember things. Please contact your doctor and ask to speak with him or her about getting tested for ADHD.

4) It is nothing to be ashamed of

All disorders come with associated stigma, but please remember that there is nothing wrong with you and there is nothing to be ashamed of. People may have trouble understanding what you are dealing with, but that is simply because there is not yet enough information out there about what ADHD is and how it functions.

5) Medication is not the only treatment option available

Stimulants are not the only treatment option for ADHD! Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is another great option to look into. CBT is a growing field for ADHD treatment, and is especially successful in treating adults in conjunction with medication. If you are not satisfied with your medication, or do not want to take medication, ask your doctor about CBT for ADHD!

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