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Sorry I have been MIA, but I was QUITE busy this past week. My entire sorority + basically my entire university went down to Myrtle Beach post finals as part of an annual "beach week" trip. I had a blast, even with deciding not to drink for the entire trip (which is basically unheard of) and having the house we were renting under my name.

But now I am back in good ol' MA and can finally relax. Well, only for about two days before I dive head first into producing my play, working, and getting ready for my trip to Spain.

Taking advantage of the downtime I have, I've already binge-watched a new Netflix show that I'm obsessed with:


I've read some reviews on the show, and it didn't seem like people loved it. At first, I totally got it. The main character is extremely unlikeable... in the beginning. She's definitely a grow-to-love kind of character, like a Cristina Yang from Grey's Anatomy in that sense.

Sophia, loosely based on real-life Nasty Gal founder, is a lazy, self-absorbed spitfire who wants to never have to answer to anyone but herself. But, trust me, this show (and Sophia) is worth the wait.

Through the first season, her character kind of breaks down into this woman who actually resembles a human. She does what she wants, doesn't take shit from anyone, and is figuring out life. By the end of the season, I wanted to be her best friend. Well... sort of, she actually seems like she'd be a terrible friend. But, I definitely grew to love her.

Sophia, played by Britt Robertson whom I LOVE already from her roles in Ask Me Anything & The First Time (I wasn't a huge fan of The Longest Ride), is incredible. Even if you can't appreciate her character at first, appreciate how awesome Britt is as an actress.

Other great things about this show include:

1. It's SO FUNNY. This show is HYSTERICAL. The friendship between Annie and Sophia is constantly making me die laughing.

2. Its creativity. The artistic elements in this show make it really interesting. If you're into film or art in general, you'll really enjoy what the writers of this show come up with.

3. The 2000s throwback. The references, the clothing, the music... it's awesome.


5. Girl power! That should have been first...

6. UGH, the clothes! The vintage clothing featured in this show is just... I'm obsessed with it. If you're into fashion or anything vintage, prepare to have your mind blown.

7. The story. While the show makes sure to point out in the beginning of every episode that this is definitely not exactly how Sophia Amoruso made her claim to fame, it's a fascinating story of building a company from nothing.

Overall, it's a great show about "figuring out this whole life thing," as Sophia describes it. Even if you want to punch her in the face half the time, she keeps you entertained.

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