the most common pitfalls that new bloggers fall into


I'm so excited because... an article I wrote was published on Lady Q's!

Hi! My name is Ally Charleston and I successfully own and operate my own blog, Halcyon Girl. I’m the sole owner, sole contributor, and I built it from the ground up, gathering little bits of advice here and there from my own experience.

I love everything about blogging; it combines all of my interests and passions. I get to write, be creative, delve into graphic design, work the world of social media, and connect with people. With that said…

There is absolutely no getting around it, creating and operating a blog is a lot of hard work. Building a lasting audience takes a lot of effort and it doesn’t happen overnight, I’m constantly working on expanding. If you think it’s going to be easy, you’re going to fail. That’s actually the first (of ten) pitfalls I will be talking about..

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