mini-rant: cultural appropriation


I was scrolling through Facebook today and came across this article titled How to Avoid Cultural Appropriation at Coachella and honestly, it infuriated me. But, let me introduce how I stumbled upon the article... first, I saw this:

It absolutely pissed me off. Why? I will roll my eyes as much as the next person at the Kardashians, but what is the problem with Kylie Jenner wearing a style she finds beautiful. People who advocate against cultural appropriation claim it's the opposite of appreciating its history, but how?! She's showing the world that she finds it to be a symbol of beauty. The only problem in this situation is that people are attacking her for it.

The article goes onto describe each of these "errors" made by celebrities and the accessories they choose to wear, as if a culture can own a certain style.

Why can't everyone just wear whatever the fuck they want, as long as it makes them feel good?

The second thing that enraged me was the degradation of anyone who chooses to wear cornrows, or headpieces, or bindis... as if, all white people who attempt to wear them are ignorant. As long as they aren't outrightly making fun of the style, who cares?!

It's one thing if people are mocking a traditional, sacred style, but who gives a shit if someone thinks it's beautiful and wants to wear it? Why do we have to care about every little thing that everyone does so as to not step on each others' toes? I wish we could just appreciate everyone for what they appreciate instead of tearing them down for not aligning with what we think is "right."

Here is a line from this article..."If you still choose to regard one as a disposable trend, it's because you simply don't respect the people behind it."

That is so far from the truth, and even if it weren't, what is so wrong with appreciating the beauty of something without fully understanding its origin? If we had to delve into each culture and origin that accompanied our clothes and accessories, we'd never get out the door.

You can't control others and you'll live an exhausted life if you think it's possible. As long as there is no true negative motive, what is the harm? Attacking people for what they wear deeming it "ignorant and disrespectful" is limiting the freedom of expression. It doesn't mean we shouldn't educate ourselves on the cultures that surround us, but don't condemn anyone that decides to appreciate things at face-value.

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