virginia beach & housing disasters


Does traveling to Virginia Beach count as a vacation? It's only 2 hours away from UR but it was definitely a nice little getaway.

My mom and I got to eat a lot of amazing food, see a nice beach, and drink wine. Well, she drank the wine because *gasp* I'm underage! Of course, I'd never drink illegally...

But, this was a pretty busy weekend for me to take a little vacation with impending finals, housing disasters, and registration this past Thursday. This past week was an emotional rollercoaster.

The biggest news I have is that my roommate, Hanna, and I are not going to be living on campus next year. You chose to move off campus your sophomore year?! Glad you asked, no we did not choose to do that. We were forced to because the housing department thought it was okay to put me and Hanna in a SINGLE in the basement of the worst building on campus. They were kind enough to mention that "bunk beds are recommended."

We were pretty mad but then we decided to just make the most of it. We will be living in a nice ass townhouse right off campus. And, Hanna had the most perfect book when we were mid-freakout so we could calm ourselves down... Jesus Calling.

Now, I know you just rolled your eyes. Let me mention, I am very much agnostic (I don't denounce any religion, but don't practice any either) so I don't read this book with my roommate to study scripture. Hanna and I just replace all of the God & Jesus references with "the universe."

What the universe told us to do was to be thankful for what we have. We may not have a killer dorm room for next year near all of our friends, but we have each other and a great university.

So, when in times of turmoil, be thankful, readers.

From, Jesus

Err, I mean the universe

۞ ally ۞


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