6 tips to leading a more organized life


PSA: I'm no longer refraining from using swears in my posts. I just can't pretend that I don't swear 24/7 anymore, so read with caution (AKA cover your children's eyes and ears).

I'm so excited for this weekend. My awesome mother is visiting me, we are driving up to Virginia Beach, and the weather is going to be pretty damn nice. But, as I'm frantically getting ready for this weekend, I'm doing a million things to keep myself organized because, HELLO, finals are right around the corner, it's almost summer, and when am I not doing way too many things at once?! My old diving coach and good pal, Donnelly, used to always see me around school, grab my shoulders and say one word to me: "BREATHE."

Ironically, after my last post about showing you all how I do not have my shit together all the time, this post is gonna be about how to get your shit together.

I may be a self-proclaimed weirdo, an absolute nerd, and definitely a little crazy... BUT, if there's one thing I know like no other, it's how to be organized.


1 ۞ Own a planner.

My planner (click here to see which one I own and am obsessed with) is my fucking life. Literally and figuratively. Everything I need to do, everything I want to do, everyone I wanna see... it's all in there. I could go into detail about how ridiculous I am with my planner, and you'd definitely get a laugh out of it, but let me talk about why I think everyone (not just Type A people) should own one. If you write down every appointment or commitment you make and check your planner every day, it's so hard to drop the ball. And, if you also write goals and things you want to achieve, you can look at it every day. It's motivating. I also love writing little notes to my future self to see where I will be in a couple of months.

I get that the thought of planning every hour of every day does not sound appealing to most (for me it's basically an eargasm), but having a planner can just ensure that you get to do everything you want to do, every single day. You don't have to use it as much as I do, but it will increase organization exponentially.

2 ۞ Use reminders (if you have an iPhone).

Everyone makes fun of me for this. Maybe it's because I use Siri when I'm too lazy to manually create reminders... which is all the time. But, I use reminders for everything. About 9 times a day I say "Wait, let me just put that in my reminders." I wish I weren't on my phone as much as I am, but if I'm gonna be attached to my phone, I'm gonna use reminders constantly to make sure I get shit done. Sometimes I wonder if I can even remember anything if I don't put it in my reminders... the world may never know.

3 ۞ Make intense outlines to complete homework/tasks.

So, I do this every single weekend, starting on Thursdays when I finish classes... I type up all of my homework/tasks that I have to complete for each class, have little boxes for bullet points, print it out, and then I have a nice, neat guideline to keep me on track. Here's what it typically looks like...

Then, it's also much easier to see what you should prioritize. For example, anthropology is going to be a bitch this weekend.

4 ۞ Never go to bed without having a plan for the next day.

This is when I typically look to my planner to see what's up for the next day, but all it takes is going through a mental checklist of what you have to do. I don't know about you, but when I wake up in the morning, sometimes I forget I'm human, that's how groggy I am. So, if you have already written down or figured out what commitments you have, nothing will slip your mind in the morning haze.

5 ۞ Check your email every chance you get.

I am on my email probably as much as any other type of social media. Which, for any member of my generation, that's a fuck ton. Your email is so important. Besides your friends, no one is gonna text you something important. Your professors aren’t gonna post on Facebook about an important assignment. Your email is where it’s at, my people.

6 ۞ Google drive. Google drive. GOOGLE DRIVE.

You can access your documents anywhere, anytime. I use google docs/google drive for basically everything. You already saw my homework plan, that was on google docs. Granted I am writer/blogger so I’m definitely biased, but I write EVERYTHING down. Google drive is the perfect place to do that, so I can access things from all of my devices. It’s also fun to see things I wrote years ago when I started using google drive in the beginning of high school.


Hope that helped get all of your butts on track a bit.

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