2017 trends // YES or NO?


First thing's first: YOU CAN WEAR WHATEVER THE F*CK YOU WANT, WHENEVER YOU WANT (I don't know why I didn't just say fuck, I already have the mouth of a truck driver).

So, now with that out of the way, I'm gonna list 13 trends that I've noticed have become popular and I will give my opinion on them. Throwback to when I said I'd never wear a choker...

1. Chokers // YES

I used to make fun of people in my high school that would wear chokers. Boy, was that a lesson because they definitely grew on me. Now, they're the first thing I buy in a store.

2. Adidas Sneakers // YES

I am obsessed with my Adidas sneakers. I wear them nearly every day and you can tell. Definitely a good purchase, they can go with literally any outfit from fancy to not at all (which is my usual outfit choice).

3. Graphic Tees // YES

I don't own a graphic tee/graphic tee dress... yet. But, I'm in love with them. Anyone who knows me knows I love to be edgy and angsty so this is right up my ally (get it?). Take a look at the pics to the right... you can style it in SO many ways. The closest thing I own to a graphic tee is an overpriced Justin-the-douchebag-Bieber tour T shirt. Guess that'll have to do for now.

4. Flared Jeans // NO

I just can't get on board with the 70s throwback of flared jeans. They remind me of what I used to wear back in elementary school before skinny jeans were a thing. I feel like you have to have stick thin legs to pull them off, because otherwise they make your legs look bigger than they are. Maybe I'm just jealous because I can't rock them...

5. Bomber Jackets // YES

I found this super cute bomber jacket with a huge tiger on the back from this thrift store in Richmond and ever since then, I've been in love. They're cute AND keep you warm. I love when fashion is also comfortable (so rare)!

6. Off-the-shoulder // YES

The only problem I have with off-the-shoulder clothes is that it's really hard to lift your arms. Other than that, they're super easy to go braless (and that's always a plus), and can be paired with virtually anything. Can't go wrong.

7. Flat Mule Shoes // NO

I've seen these shoes start to pop up more and more like the plague. If that sentence doesn't tell you my opinion on them, I don't know what will.. they look like Aladdin slippers to me.

8. Velvet // DEPENDS

I love velvet but in small doses... like the pictures show, if you go too intense with the velvet it can make you look like you're straight out of the 70s... and not the good part of the 70s.

9. One-piece Bathing Suits // YES

One-piece swimsuits are the best for anyone who feels even the slightest bit self-conscious in two piece bathing suits. They're also super cute and pretty much flattering on everyone. Except for the ones I had to wear in high school for diving... bad flashback.

10. Big Earrings // NO

I don't think jewelry is ever supposed to take over an outfit. It has to be a balance. If something is an accessory, it acts as an accent. Huge earrings just look like a pain in the ass to me.

11. Dark Lips // YES

I don't know if I can pull dark lips off because mine aren't big enough but damn do these ladies look cool with it...

12. Beanies // NO

Maybe I'm just salty because I can't rock beanies but it looks to me like people are just wearing oversized socks. Not my style.

13. All-black Errythang // YES

I used to think this was emo. Or goth. Or angsty. But now angsty and edgy are in so when it comes to all black, I say go for it. It just definitely has to be tasteful. So good luck with that.

۞ ally ۞

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