turning hell week into positivity


Usually I am pretty good about getting my posts out about every other day... but this week was one of the busiest weeks of my life so hopefully you can cut me some slack.

To give you a sense: I had 2 midterms, 1 essay (in Spanish), 1 quiz, multiple readings, initiation for Tri Delta (yay!), cabinet meetings to plan an event for the class of 2020, AND I had to get ready to come home again for spring break. Long week for sure and it was only 4 days.

But, I'm back and I'm excited to see what brilliant ideas I have when I'm under anesthesia soon to get my wisdom teeth out. So, stay tuned.

As for now, I don't have much to offer you all because I am pretty wiped out from hell week as I am now calling it.

I guess I will end with something I learned from my leadership class that came up again when I was studying for the midterm...

It's a concept: "locus of control."

Basically what it means is that, when you have an internal LOC as opposed to an external one, you look inward at yourself when something good or bad happens in your life. And when it's external, you look outward to others and outside causes. I think it's best to have a combination of both.

When something goes wrong, it's important to be able to examine yourself and take responsibility. But it's also important to understand what else could have contributed to whatever happened to go wrong and lift some of the blame off your own shoulders. This is a fine line, though. People tend to only blame themselves, killing their self-confidence, or they only blame others, which is a bitter and immature way to live.

So, my advice is to think of this balance every time anything bad OR good happens to you so that you can keep being the best version of yourself. Picture the yin-yang symbol, walking on a tight-rope, or a balance beam (for all of you former gymnasts out there)... whatever you want. Just recognize that it's really important to find that balance, make the improvements that you can, and move on. Or, if it's a good situation, it will keep you humble.

Have a nice, balanced weekend my friends.

۞ ally ۞

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