10 valentine's day gifts I would want


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As Valentine's Day is fast approaching, I figured I would give my two cents on something everybody freaks out about... the gift. Now, I could not tell you why I would choose to write about this because A) I'm not getting a gift for anyone and B) I don't have a good track record for V-Day, but here I am. First, let me tell you guys two quick stories so you get a feel for the kind of Valentine's participant I've been in the past...

Back in eighth grade, a boy was kind enough to get me a huge teddy bear and chocolates for Valentine's Day. He literally handed it to me in the hallway by our lockers (basically out of a movie). I then proceeded to awkwardly thank him, stuff it in my locker, and not take it out until 2 weeks later. I also avoided eye contact for the greater part of the year. Poor boy.

Now last year I actually had the opportunity to spend Valentine's day with someone I loved! Magical, right? Nope. I ditched him to go to a concert with my friends. He wasn't too happy about that.

I point these stories out so that the title of this post has more meaning. These are gifts that I WOULD WANT. I have no idea how helpful they will be for everyone else struggling to get their S.O. a gift but if your girlfriend sounds like me, go ahead and read on.

۞ one ۞

۞ two ۞

Yes, this is a real mermaid tail I once owned. It was incredible.

۞ three ۞

۞ four ۞

I know this one is kind of a tall order but if you could make that happen that would be great...

۞ five ۞

I'm a super sentimental person so I LOVE pictures.

۞ six ۞

Ever since I saw Angel give this ring to Buffy on Season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I've been obsessed with it. It signifies friendship, loyalty and love.

۞ seven ۞

Clearly I love jewelry, but something important to note: ALWAYS GET JEWELRY GIFTS APPROVED BY RECIPIENT'S FRIENDS. I'm serious. They'll know best.

۞ eight ۞

Chocolate! But not Valentine's Day Chocolate. A simple hershey's bar will suffice. The Valentine's chocolate is always so corny.

۞ nine ۞

My next suggestion is a Sephora gift card. Because you really can't go wrong with makeup or gift cards...

۞ ten ۞

Now this one is my personal favorite. Like I said, I'm super sentimental... A long love letter (while cheesy) sounds so nice. It doesn't have to be elaborate or anything, but I think anyone would appreciate a love letter these days. Flash me back to the 20th century!

Have a great Valentine's Day!

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