loneliness doesn't have to accompany being alone

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If you read my 19 facts about halcyon girl post you are familiar with my love for piano. This is definitely not a common passion for college students. Don't believe me? Let me describe my first every piano concert experience here at the University of Richmond...

I was the only person under 60, the only student not there to fulfill a class requirement, and the only person (this one I'm guessing) who nearly cried after every Etude that Philip Glass performed.

I didn't even bother asking any of my friends to go with me to this concert because I knew what the answer would be. And, if I managed dragging someone along with me, I knew they would be agonizing over every minute spent listening to pure piano. So, I decided to go by myself. I clicked onto the website, bought one student ticket, and made the trek to the theatre in the cold dark alone. And it was incredible.

It's easy to preach about how you should do whatever the f**k you want and not care about what other people think of you. It's much harder to put this practice into real life actions. I refuse to be a hypocrite, so if I'm going to tell you all about how important it is to love yourself and never sacrifice what makes you happy, then I'm going to embody those mantras.

Sitting in that auditorium, listening to Philip Glass play Etude #2 (which is my favorite of his compositions), I started to tear up... first because the piece is beautiful and doesn't need anything else to make it emotional; second because it made me feel alone. But it was a happy feeling of being alone, one that is pretty rare. Instead of being alone and having loneliness accompany it, I was alone and perfectly fine with that.

You're told from when you're little that everyone is unique; everyone is special. If that's true, which I believe it is, then everyone is alone. We are alone with our individuality. If we can't learn to accept that and be happy with that, then we are forever doomed to be lonely.

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