my experience doing floatation therapy


In my many endeavors directed towards finding happiness, this was definitely the strangest one.

Floatation therapy is basically just complete sensory deprivation. You put yourself in this pod which is a chamber of highly-salted water, and close the cover. You are completely naked, in the utter darkness, and floating without any effort. For an hour.

People do this type of therapy for all sorts of reasons but my main reason was for stress-relief. It's a really interesting and pure form of mindfulness. AKA, no distractions besides your own thoughts, so it forces you to just relax.

Unfortunately, for me, I had a lot of trouble with the relaxing part. I lost track of time and after about 20 minutes (I'm estimating), I was getting really anxious. A million things were running through my mind and I just wanted to get out so I could go do those things.

They say that it takes practice and perhaps that's why I couldn't fully enjoy it. Just like mindfulness, it takes practice to just enjoy doing nothing, worrying about nothing, thinking about nothing.

I am debating going back because it was really interesting and the Float Zone in Richmond does a really amazing job in terms of service. I finished the hour and they had an array of things for me to complete my relaxation therapy: an assortment of teas, coloring books, a nice area complete with a fireplace and magazines... and the customer service was incredible. Also, all of the facilities were clean which is very important.

A couple of warnings if you decide to find floatation therapy in your area...

1. DO NOT PUT YOUR HEAD UNDER. I got the tiniest bit of salt in my eyes and it hurt like a BITCH.

2. Don't wear any makeup/lotions/etc. They'll make you take it off.

3. Go in with an open mind.

4. Silence your phone and anything else that might distract you.

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