19 facts about ۞ halcyon girl ۞


To get to know me a little better, I thought I'd list off some fun facts about myself. I'm choosing to do nineteen because I am currently nineteen-years-old (I know, I'm super creative). With that said, I guess I will get started...

1 ۞ I am obsessed with the 1975.

The 1975 is an indie/rock/alternative band from the UK. I got to see them perform live in Boston just as they were beginning to get famous so it was at this wicked small venue downtown. They had an amazing energy and the lead singer, Matty Healy, was just quirky enough to make it interesting. He would dance like no one was watching, sing like no one was listening, and he just looked like he had a blast up there. I'm not a huge fan of concerts because I get distracted by all of the people and I can't fully enjoy the music, but with their performance I truly felt like I was the only one in the audience. I even wrote an article about how much I loved them (click here).

2 ۞ I grew up in Easton, MA.

I live part-time in Boston and part-time in Easton when I am home from school. But, Easton is where I grew up and went to school up until high school. I have lived in the same house there for most of my life and while I do find it kind of boring at times... I couldn't imagine growing up anywhere else. But for the next phase of my life I definitely intend to live in a city.

3 ۞ I have two puppies named Lucy and Lyla.

In total I have had 3 dogs, all of them Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, the first being a boy named Lucky and then my two girls, Lucy and Lyla. Lucky was a little mean and bit a lot of people if they ever went near his food. When he passed, we got Lyla and both her and Lucy are the sweetest puppies you'll ever meet.

4 ۞ I was a member of the Cum Laude Society.

The Cum Laude Society is a group of seniors in high school awarded membership by placing in the top 20% in terms of academics by the end of their four years. I was very honored to be inducted into this society and I was equally as proud of myself for working as hard as I did to gain membership. I have always been a hard-worker--especially in school. I don't think I'm anything of a genius but I definitely work hard to make up for any lack of smarts.

5 ۞ I actually gave up writing for a while.

​In sixth grade I actually went to a three-week writing camp in MD. I applied through the initiatives by Johns Hopkins and spent three weeks at the University of Maryland learning how to be a better writer. I had loved writing and decided to go the extra mile. Then high school hit me and I kind of lost all confidence in any ability I had. I looked around at everyone else who were getting better grades than I was and told myself I wasn't good enough; so, I convinced myself I hated writing. It wasn't until I joined the Odyssey team here at Richmond that I regained some confidence and happiness towards the art. Now, I really enjoy it.

6 ۞ I love listening to contemporary piano.

As I am writing this I am listening to one of my favorite pianists--Philip Glass. I don't know when exactly I discovered my love for contemporary piano but I have always loved slow songs with a prominent piano solo (yes, I know that's specific). I never actually took piano lessons like most kids do, but I became obsessed with how it sounded. I did eventually try and learn throughout high school but just couldn't keep it up with everything I do. I guess I will leave the playing to the pros and I will just admire from a far.

7 ۞ I never delete FB or Instagram pictures.

If you look back at my old Instagram pictures or my Faceboook pictures you'll notice I have never deleted one. This is totally voluntary because I LOVE looking back at all of them and laughing my ass off. Especially Instagram, it's hilarious to see the stark contrast between my pictures now and when you scroll all the way to the bottom. You can see the evolution of me posting random shit to me posting things I thought other people would wanna see to me posting whatever the fuck I want to. It's quite interesting and I'd be curious to see what some of my Psych major friends would say about it.

8 ۞ I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

This one is integral to every fiber in my being. Okay, that is probably an exaggeration. But seriously... I have been obsessed with this TV show for YEARS. Ever since I got those DVDs under the Christmas tree that one year... I have literally wanted nothing more than to be a slayer myself. Idk how I got obsessed with vampires but it just kinda happened... oops. Not really that sorry about it. If you have never seen this show, PLEASE check it out! It's on Netflix!

9 ۞ I wrote a play in December.

So literally during finals week because why not, I wrote an entire 85-page play. I think I used this as an outlet when some of my mental health issues came crashing down in on me. Nevertheless, I wrote it. And I'm pretty damn proud of it. Not too sure what I will do with it though... It's called The Marbles In Our Heads and here is the synopsis:

The Marbles in Our Heads explores different conceptions surrounding love, relationships, and strength. Taking place in 2001, it follows the lives of Alice, a sharp-tongued teenager who had tried to commit suicide, and her therapist, Jane, who is amidst a deteriorating marriage. While the play begins with Alice in arguably the weakest point in her life, she becomes stronger as her and Jane's lives become more interwoven. Whereas Jane, who is attempting to maintain a high level of strength during the most difficult point in her marriage, has her entire world broken down into discomfort and unfamiliarity. The past is shown side by side with the present story and significant people from both Alice and Jane's pasts return to the forefront of this narrative. Love is thrown at the audience in various forms and with each incorporation it becomes shattered into different perceptions. In the end, Alice and Jane have to figure out how to sort out the marbles in their heads.

10 ۞ I hate cake. And breakfast.

These are probably the two weirdest things that I don't like but people tend to find this really weird. I've never really liked cake, love ice cream and ice cream cake but not cake. I think it's too sweet for me, I usually like salty things. And I hate pretty much every breakfast food for some reason. No waffles, pancakes, nothing. Who knows, maybe I'm Satan. That's usually how people react when I tell them.

11 ۞ I am unapologetically obsessed with Twilight.

Okay so along with Buffy the Vampire Slayer I love everything there is to love about Twilight: the god-awful acting (at some parts), the super angsty vibes, Edward Cullen... all of it. I have a poster of Robert Pattinson hanging in my room. At one point I had a blanket with his face on it. I also went to the midnight showings of both parts of Breaking Dawn. Every now and then I sit down during a weekend and watch the entire series and swoon all over again.

12 ۞ I will never say no to buffalo wings.

My favorite food in the world. Wait, I take that back... I really love food.

13 ۞ I have struggled with mental health issues.

If it isn't obvious in most of the things I write, I've struggled with a lot of things mental-health-related. The worst has been in the past year but I have really struggled with depression on and off for the past two years. I loved my high school and so even at my worst I had that to distract me--when I came to college and everything I loved and was familiar with was stripped away from me, I broke down. The past couple of months have been the most trying of my entire life but that's kind of why I decided to start this blog. I'm figuring out a lot of things about myself and life itself, so why not document it? I'm also just trying to figure out how to be happy and I feel like that's a journey important enough to share.

14 ۞ I have nine ear piercings.

I love ear piercings. I don't know if I would ever get any more piercings or anything besides ear piercings, thought. I have nine in total, on both ears, and love them all.

15 ۞ I am agnostic.

Since I was like twelve-ish I kind of just stopped believing in Christianity or any form of organized religion. Reading the bible and going to mass, I just realized that I didn't think any of it could be remotely true. I agreed with some of the values it taught but that was about it. So, I told my family I was an atheist and protested going to church. I ended up only going on big holidays, like the rest of my family (we aren't very religious to begin with), but I have never stopped questioning religion in its entirety. Coming to college, especially with it being in the south, I have heard some well-thought-out arguments for believing in God or any religion. I'm sticking to being agnostic because I don't want to denounce anything; I truly don't know what's out there and will never be able to know.

16 ۞ I did gymnastics for nine years and dove for five.

I was never really cut out for sports... especially individualized ones. It put too much pressure on me or I put too much pressure on myself. I could never fully enjoy it so after years of gymnastics, any positivity I felt towards the sport just kind of burned out. The same thing happened with diving even though I was captain of the Varsity Swimming and Diving Team at my high school and had gone to AAU nationals a couple of years with my club teams. I hit a plateau and couldn't improve. I loved being on the team but just hated the sport. I finished out my senior year, quit my AAU club team, and never looked back.

17 ۞ I am an open book.

I seriously have no filter when it comes to talking about my personal life. I see that as a blessing and not a curse, but others may disagree. I have seen how it allows me to connect to so many people and it only furthers my openness. I love connecting with people and having deep conversations. So, I never hold back.

18 ۞ I have traveled the world.

I have been extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to travel the world with my family and my close family friends. My parents never miss an opportunity to take us to new places. Sometimes we just want to relax in the Caribbean, other times we want to explore Athens and its history, or Spain and La Sagrada Familia. It has made me yearn for more worldly exploration and have dreams of living in exotic places. I guess we'll see what happens.

19 ۞ I have had multiple hair colors/styles.

I get super bored of my hair REALLY easily. I have switched from blonde to brunette too many times to count, I have had a god-awful ómbre, I've chopped it all off... seriously everything. Right now it's a medium length and brown but that could change at any minute.

Here's a couple of pictures of me throughout the years...

Well I hope you enjoyed this list of weird facts about me... It definitely made me question a lot about myself... haha...

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