relax it's hump day


Wednesdays have to be my favorite day of the week for this one reason: once I finish Wednesday and I crawl into bed that night, I know I have just one more day to get through before the weekend.

That's the beauty of my schedule... I get Fridays off. So, once I go to sleep each Wednesday, I have one more day of official classes and obligations. Then I get to relax and recuperate over the weekend in preparation to do it all again the next week.

I find that having little mental checkpoints can be one of the most helpful steps in getting through tough or stressful times.

"If I can just get through ____________, I'll be fine."

Here's a little reminder that you've made it to hump day and we are almost at the temporary pearly gates of Saturday and Sunday. You can do it!

۞ ally ۞

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