wear a blanket, get compliments


I've had way too many people asking me about my outfit for the past week and a half not to write a post about it...

The standout of my outfit: the blanket it appears that I'm wearing. The amount of times people have told me how "trendy" I look wearing this is insane. Yet, it's probably the cheapest and easiest accessory you can purchase (I'm serious--it's cheaper than most jewelry).

I found this gem while browsing through Forever 21, which I hardly do anymore because the materials they use have become progressively cheaper and cheaper. But, their selection is huge and you can pick things up for under $20, so I wasn't complaining too much.

This shawl (I guess they're choosing not to call it a blanket) is only $17.90. It obviously isn't the same one I bought, but I actually think it's cuter. AND, it's under $20 which is crazy.

I ended up buying two and they proved to be good purchases. Despite their simplicity, they actually do dress up any outfit you're wearing. They make it look like you actually tried which is sometimes so far beyond the case. And, you get to wear a blanket all day.

Win, win.

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