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first thing's first...

My purpose

Over the course of my college career, I've discovered that the first step to a happier life is by realizing that this concept of a "happy life" is bullshit. There is no finish line where you can throw your arms up and say, "I did it! I'm happy!"

Through my own experiences dealing with depression and bipolar disorder, I'm just trying to figure out how to navigate happiness and leading a fulfilled life. So, here I am documenting every effort, misstep, and moment that makes me question what it means to be alive... while also remaining unfiltered and unapologetic. Through my own process I am hoping to learn how to comfort those experiencing similar things: how do we find happiness?

After all, if there were any surefire way to be "happy,"

it would have to be by connecting with other humans.

who i am

the voice...

Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, I went to Thayer Academy in Braintree and finished my high school career as a member of the Cum Laude Society. They basically had to kick me out to make me graduate. Then I ventured out of New England for college at the University of Richmond in Virginia.

Here at UofR, I was the Class of 2020 President my freshman year, the Chair of Student Affairs during my sophomore year, and as a rising junior I will continue my work for student government as the Chair of External Affairs. I am designing my own major called, "Psychology and Creative Engagement," and I am also minoring in Spanish. I absolutely love learning and making every effort to broaden my perspectives.

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My services

Graphic Design

As a freelance graphic designer, I create designs

that will enhance creative engagement and produce stunning resources for a communicated purpose.


I produce high quality, artistic photography that can be used in any professional capacity.

I also sell my photography

and can provide high quality editing of photos as well.

Web Design

I build, develop, design, and manage websites that are unique and modern. I also provide consulting for those looking to create their own website.

Social Media

Managing multiple platforms and producing content for social media can be the key to success for businesses. I am skilled in building a platform from the ground up to creating a stream of content to maintain engagement.


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